BE AWARE OF FAKE AFTERMARKET 'BRANDS' for your Jeep Wrangler (and 4x4s) in SA!

JEEP Wrangler Aftermarket Fakes are EVERYWHERE and you are not being told!

Genuine TOPFIRE hardware for Jeep is only EXCLUSIVELY available from ANGRiJeep throughout Africa. If you are offered it for sale or see it advertised anywhere else (often with the actual product photos), it is categorically not genuine and not from the Topfire factory. At Topfire, everything is handcrafted in aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel to exacting specifications and then exclusively imported with all of the appropriate duties and taxes paid by ANGRi. If you don't get it from us (or if your dealer did not get it from us), it's not Topfire and is a cheap inferior copy.

It extends far beyond Topfire and also includes other global Jeep brands such as Poison Spyder, Fab Fours, Rugged Ridge, EVO, Smittybilt, Gibson, but the list is endless and we have even seen it extend into Teraflex Suspension kits, BR and Fuel wheels.

Since when has a genuine imported product into South Africa ever been half the price of the same genuine product back in the US or wherever the Genuine Brand is based? Just check the US equiavalent price to see if there is parity (and roughly multiply by about 25 to get the equivalent landed Rand amount).

If your 'dealer' still insists your 'branded' aftermarket hardware is genuine, please feel free to get in touch directly with the original manufacturer or the official listed distributor in South Africa to verify it. A genuine dealer who puts heart and soul into bringing you the 'real' stuff will have no problem validating anything for you. There should be no such thing as a difficult question and we are happy to help point you in the right direction of who to speak to for validation from the world's biggest Jeep aftermarket brands.

Official importers of genuine brands for Jeep can be counted on one hand in SA so please be very aware what you are potentially buying and get proof of authenticity regardless of the price they are asking. The fake aftermarket in SA is getting completely out of hand as is totally unpoliced and price conscious SA Jeepers are the unsuspecting target. This is also not GREY importing, as GREY importing is still genuine product from the official brand, but simply not brought through the home country's official channels. These are pure and simple counterfeit products which break the law, in the same way that a R2000 Gucci bag is counterfeit. Not only is it illegal to import and sell counterfeit, it is obviously illegal and highly immoral for your dealer to pass it off as 'genuine' and take your money (no matter how cheap).

There is only one loser in this... and that is you the Jeeper! An inferior branded fake is not a bargain, it is that price because it is an inferior fake and you are not being told! We all know that there are very few 'bargains' for genuine branded imports into SA so why do you think Jeep stuff would be any different? The Facebook and WhatsApp groups you belong to are full of fake goods being sold as real.

Get proof that what you're buying is genuine. It's a fair request to your dealer and no legitimate dealer passionately selling genuine brands would have a problem with providing you with that. Neither will they have a problem with the contents of this Facebook post. There are no grey areas as to whether something is genuine or not, and you as the consumer have the right to know. We hope this makes you ask the right questions or even perhaps take your time to hunt down and pay just a little bit more for the real thing and the legality, quality, reassurance and backup that comes with that.

Fake Topfire Bumper Genuine Topfire Bumper

THE DIFFERENCE UP CLOSE! A fake Topfire Fury rear bumper on the left.... the Genuine one on the Right! It might be 20% cheaper but it is 100% shoddier!

Take a look through and see the quality of the brand names and the products on it and also take note of the pricing. We at ANGRiJeep make the very best stuff available to you at the lowest prices for trusted brand names. If you see them, or any other similar type of genuinely branded bumper, flares, exhausts, electronics (significantly) cheaper then double check!

If you have any doubt, please call us on 021 180 4990 or email and we will gladly give you some advice regardless of whether you buy from us or not. This blatant abuse of the 4x4 consumer MUST STOP!